Welcome to our PTA website

Dear Parents, Teachers, and Students,
Welcome to our PTA website !

A brand new year is upon us and we are off and running. 

 The purpose of the PTA is to support the faculty, staff, parents, and students at our school. Over the years, the PTA has become one of the strongest voices in the educational process that directly supports our children and school. We will make every effort to uphold that standard.

The PTA Board has been busy developing the details for a very productive and exciting year aimed at enhancing the educational environment for all of our students.
In order to be successful, we know that the support and involvement of the parents of our students, the faculty and staff at our school, as well as the business leaders in our community will be of utmost importance.

Your first opportunity to show your support will be to become a 
member of the PTA. We encourage each of you to show your commitment by joining.
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