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Q: What is the purpose of a PTA?
A: The PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is made up of individuals who work hard to build a strong support system for our students. Membership is open to parents, teachers, grandparents, mentors, caregivers, community individuals and anyone else who cares about our students. Remember -- joining the PTA does not require a time commitment! It simply shows you care about your child's education!
 Q: What does the PTA do? 
A: The PTA is involved in a wide variety of functions. Our primary goal is to build a sense of community among families and promote a positive learning experience by encouraging parental involvement in the school. Fundraising is also a function of the PTA so we can provide our students with tools and resources that might not otherwise be available.

Q: How can I participate in the PTA?
A: There are several ways to participate in the PTA, and all of them are encouraged! One easy way is to simply attend the PTA meetings. This is how you can stay informed about PTA-sponsored events and activities at the school. Additionally, you can volunteer to assist with PTA events and activities throughout the year. The children love to see familiar faces at our events! You may also run for a position on the PTA Board in the Spring.
Q: What does the money raised at fundraisers go toward?
A: The money raised during fundraisers goes to a variety of school and community building expenses. The PTA provides resources such as technology, science and art supplies, teacher support, community-building events and balanced literacy curriculum as well as the necessary funding for events.